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Dr. Jeffrey Masek
Landsat 8 Project Scientist

Mailing Address: 

Code 618
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


Dr. Masek is a Research Scientist in the Biospheric Sciences Laboratory at NASA GSFC. His research interests include satellite-based monitoring forest dynamics, climate-change impacts on terrestrial ecosystems, and remote sensing techniques. In 2015 he was appointed Project Scientist for the Landsat-9 mission, and from 2001-2010 he served as the Deputy Project Scientist for Landsat-8. He also served as Chief of the Biospheric Sciences Lab from 2014-2019. Dr. Masek received a B.A. in Geology from Haverford College (1989) and a Ph.D. in Geological Sciences from Cornell University (1994), and has held previous research positions with University of Maryland, Hughes Information Systems, and Cornell University.