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ATB Documents: GLAS

ATBD Number ATBD Title Authors Date Size
ATBD-GLAS-01 GLAS: Atmospheric Data Products
  • S. Palm
  • W. Hart
  • D. Hlavka
  • D. Duda
  • J. Spinhirne
October 1, 2002 3.09 MB
ATBD-GLAS-02 GLAS: Laser Footprint Location (Geolocation) and Surface Profiles
  • B. Schutz
October 1, 2002 66.23 KB
ATBD-GLAS-03 GLAS: Precision Attitude Determination
  • S. Bae
  • S. Schutz
October 1, 2002 1.8 MB
ATBD-GLAS-04 GLAS: Precision Orbit Determination
  • H. Rim
  • B. Schutz
October 1, 2002 833.63 KB
ATBD-GLAS-05 GLAS: Ocean Tidal Loading Corrections
  • D. Yi
  • J. Minster
  • C. Bently
October 1, 2002 298.94 KB
ATBD-GLAS-06 GLAS: Atmospheric Delay Correction to GLAS Laser Altimeter
  • T. Herring
  • K. Quinn
February 1, 1999 97.36 KB