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Synchronous Meterological Satellite (SMS)

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Status: Completed
Mission Category: Historical Missions
Launch Date: May 17, 1974
Launch Location: Cape Canaveral, FL

The success of the meteorological experiments carried aboard the Applications Technology Satellite-1 and -3 missions led to NASA's development of a satellite specifically designed to make atmospheric observations. Synchronous Meterological Satellite (SMS) operational prototypes (SMS-1 and SMS-2), were launched in 1974 and 1975. SMS-1 and -2, and Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES)-1, -2, and -3 were essentially identical. They carried instrumentation for visible and international remote imaging, collection of data from automated remote platforms, relay of weather products (WEFAX), and measurement of a number of characteristics of the near space environment.

Key Synchronous Meterological Satellite Facts

Mission/Portal Page:
Launch Vehicle: Delta
Instruments: DCS (Data Collecting System)
SEM (Space Environment Monitor)
VISSR (Visible Infrared Spin-Scan Radiometer)
Project Scientist(s): William E. Shenk

Relevant Science Focus Areas:

  • Weather

Related Applications:

  • Weather Prediction