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Science Communication Material

NASA's Earth Observing System provides a variety of materials available for download. Feel free to choose a category below:

2022 NASA Science Support Office Annual Report
PDF icon NASA Science Support Office_2022 Annual Report.pdf

NASA's Science Support Office represented NASA Science at 35 in-person and/or virtual exhibits from October 1, 2022 through September 30, 2022. With more than 30 years of history and experience, NASA’s Science Support Office has established a well-deserved reputation as the primary point of contact for the Science Mission Directorate and Earth Science Division for science exhibit outreach and product development. The office brings together a unique skill set in “one team” that enables it to conceptualize, plan, design, and deliver successful small- and large-scale exhibit support services.

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2023 NASA Science Calendar
PDF icon 2023 NASA Science Calendar 508.pdf

The 2023 NASA Science Calendar: Science is the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe—unifying humanity with each discovery, expanding our knowledge and igniting our imagination. As we sail the sands of time and space, science gives context and meaning to measures great and small. Did you know there are as many stars in the universe as grains of sand on Earth? The new era of NASA Science discoveries is just beginning, and you are a part of it!

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2023 NASA Science Calendar (Spanish Version)
PDF icon 2023 NASA Science Calendar Spanish 508.pdf

La ciencia es la clave para descubrir los secretos del universo: uniendo a la humanidad con cada descubrimiento, expandiendo nuestro conocimiento y despertando nuestra imaginación. Al navegar por las arenas del tiempo y el espacio, la ciencia da contexto y significado a mediciones grandes y pequeñas. ¿Sabías que existen tantas estrellas en el universo como hay granos de arena en la Tierra? La nueva era de los descubrimientos científicos de la NASA acaba de comenzar, ¡y tú eres parte de ella!

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Earth Day Flyer
PDF icon 2023 Earth Day QR CODE.pdf

Join NASA'S Earth Day Celebration! Virtual Event Flyer 2023

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Explore Internships, Careers, and Opportunities at NASA
PDF icon NASA Opportunities Litho_508.pdf

Are you ready to explore the extraordinary? Explore Internships, Careers, and Opportunities at NASA.

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2022 NASA Science Calendar
PDF icon 2022 NASA Science Calendar 508.pdf

The 2022 NASA Science Calendar: Science and discovery unite and inspire us—and are a source of hope in difficult times. Our continued exploration of our planet and the universe around us, while facing the challenges of the pandemic, demonstrates the power of the human spirit to push beyond our limitations and transcend obstacles. After a year of perseverance, 2022 marks a period of new beginnings, and I could not be more excited.

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2022 NASA Science Calendar (Spanish Version)
PDF icon 2022 NASA Science Calendar Spanish 508.pdf

La ciencia y los descubrimientos nos unen y nos inspiran, y son una fuente de esperanza en tiempos difíciles. La exploración continua de nuestro planeta y el universo que nos rodea, mientras enfrentamos los desafíos de la pandemia, demuestra el poder del espíritu humano para ir más allá de nuestras limitaciones y trascender los obstáculos. Después de un año de perseverancia, el 2022 marca un período de nuevos comienzos, y mi entusiasmo no podría ser mayor.

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American Chemical Society Hyperwall Stories 2022
PDF icon ACSHyperwall Brochure_ACS_2022_Final.pdf

This brochure represents some of the chemistry-related stories available on NASA’s Hyperwall. For a complete list of Hyperwall stories, and to download content, visit

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TEMPO Mission Brochure
PDF icon NASA_TEMPO Mission Brochure_508.pdf

What's in the air we breathe? The TEMPO (Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring Pollution) mission aims to answer this question with more detail and precision than ever before, by creating a revolutionary new dataset of atmospheric chemistry measurements from space. TEMPO will be the first space-based instrument to monitor major air pollutants across the North American continent every daylight hour at high spatial resolution.

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2021 NASA Science Calendar
PDF icon 2021 NASA Science Calendar 508.pdf

The 2021 NASA Science Calendar: Science and discovery have always required us to persevere. Through unprecedented times. Through storms and turbulence. Perseverance is more than facing challenges. It demonstrates our ability to hold on to a worthy goal with resilience. It pushes us to keep doing the next right thing—to achieve something beyond ourselves. In that spirit, NASA Science, our nation, and the world continue to persevere. The year 2020 often made me think of the anonymous quote: “The best view comes after the hardest climb.”

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