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The Earth Observer: Jan - Feb, 1994

Volume 6, Issue 1

In This Issue

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The Eighth Meeting of The EOS Investigators Working Group ... 3
Science Working Group for AM Platform ... 8

The EOS Project Science Office Information Server ... 10
MODIS Documentation is Now A Keystroke Away ... 13
MODIS/SeaWiFS Team Deploys Marine Optical Buoy, Continues Marine Optical Characterization Experiment ... 17
Data Assimilation for EOS: The Stratosphere ... 23
Using Satellite Imagery to Understand the Global Exchange of Carbon Dioxide between the Terrestrial Biosphere and the Atmosphere ... 26

SeaWiFS Update ... 28
News Release from Department of the Interior ... 29
The Earth Observer Information/Inquiries ... 30
EOS Science Meetings Calendar ... 30
Global Change Meetings Calendar ... 31

Editor's Corner

Michael King, EOS Senior Project Scientist

An EOS Investigators Working Group (IWG) meeting was held January 11-13 in San Antonio, Texas. The meeting focused on (i) learning about the recent progress and exciting accomplishments of various EOS investigators, both instrument as well as interdisciplinary, (ii) introducing plans for calibration and validation of EOS data products, (iii) discussing recent accomplishments in the design and architecture of EOSDIS, including the relative benefits of compute-on-demand vs. routine production and storage, and (iv) hearing the results of a survey conducted by Eric Barron on the policy-relevance of EOS research. A detailed report of the IWG meeting can be found on page 3 in this issue.

During one evening of the IWG, the Science Executive Committee (SEC) held a working dinner to discuss (i) the status of the Science Strategy for the Banh Obseroing System, a document prepared by Jeff Dozier and Ghassem Asrar that will be published by the American Institute of Physics, (ii) the panel structure and membership of the IWG, including updating the charter of the IWG, (iii) orbit preference for the EOS PM mission (ascending vs. descending orbit), and (iv) the need to form an Outreach & Communications Panel, which Peter Mouginis-Mark has agreed to chair. The next SEC meeting is scheduled for early April in Chicago, under the direction of the new chair, Eric Barron.

As reported in the last issue of The Earth Obseroer, the Project Science Office has initiated a written as well as oral review of the theoretical basis behind each algorithm to be developed by the EOS AM, LIS, and Sea Winds Science Teams. The oral portion of this review will be conducted...