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The Earth Observer: Jan - Feb, 2007

Volume 19, Issue 1

In This Issue

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  • Editor’s Corner Front Cover
  • Feature Articles
  • International Polar Year 2007-2008: The Opportunity of a Generation4
  • Cloud to Cloud: Forecasting Storm Severity with Lightning10
  • Meeting/Workshop Summaries
  • Overview of the MODIS Science Team Meeting14
  • How May We Help You: Summary of the 10th HDF and HDF-EOS Workshop22
  • Summary of the 6th CERES II Science Team Meeting24
  • A Summary of the AARSE International Conference in Egypt29
  • NASA Participates in International Conferences in Cairo and Beijing32
  • In The News
  • NASA Data Helps Pinpoint Wildfire Threats34
  • Smoke Plume Dispersal from the World Trade Center Disaster36
  • Landsat Shows Shrinking Ponds in Alaska38
  • NASA Outlines Recent Changes in Earth’s Freshwater Distribution40
  • Regular Features
  • EOS Scientists in the News44
  • NASA Science Mission Directorate—Science Education Update45
  • Science Calendars47

Editor’s Corner

Michael King, EOS Senior Project Scientist

On January 4, the 110th United States Congress convened with the Democrats controlling a majority in both chambers for the first time since the 103rd Congress in 1993–1995. This congress will be making important decisions about the future of NASA. The new chairman of the House Science Committee (the committee that oversees NASA authorization) will be Bart Gordon (D-TN). In a recent editorial, Gordon expressed support for the President’s Vision for Space Exploration, but emphasized the need for balance between the goal of returning to the moon and NASA’s other important activities such as Earth and space science. Gordon said:

I will work to ensure that our space program advances knowledge that benefits each of us. Human space exploration to the moon and beyond can and should continue as an important part of our overall space program, but we will need to make sure that it is carried out efficiently, safely and in balance with NASA’s other important missions.

The full text of Gordon’s editorial is...