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The Earth Observer: Jan - Feb, 2017

Volume 29, Issue 1

In This Issue

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  • Editor’s CornerFront Cover
  • In Memoriam
  • Piers Sellers4
  • Feature Articles
  • Recollections of FIFE and BOREAS: Historical Perspective and Meeting Summary6
  • NASA’s Outreach Activities at COP-22 and the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting24
  • Meeting Summaries
  • 2016 Precipitation Measurement Missions Science Team Meeting Summary28
  • Summary of Air Quality and Health Showcase33
  • 2016 Sounder Science Team Meeting Summary36
  • 2016 GRACE Science Team Meeting Summary40
  • CERES Science Team Meeting Summary43
  • Kudos
  • Congratulations PECASE Award Winners!35
  • From NASA’s Earth Observatory
  • Lights in the Darkness47
  • In The News
  • Space Laser Reveals Boom-and-Bust Cycle of Polar Ocean Plants48
  • NASA Announces First Geostationary Vegetation, Atmospheric Carbon Mission50
  • CYGNSS Hurricane Mission Measures “First Light” Science Data51
  • Regular Features
  • NASA Earth Science in the News52
  • NASA Science Mission Directorate – Science Education and Public Outreach Update54
  • Science Calendars55

Editor’s Corner

Steve Platnick

EOS Senior Project Scientist

I am very sad to report that Piers Sellers passed away on December 23, 2016 from pancreatic cancer at the age of 61. Piers, who often referred to himself as the “human satellite,” came to GSFC in 1981 as a biospheric scientist and served as the first Project Scientist for the NASA Earth Observing System’s Terra mission (then called AM-1). He was selected to join the NASA Astronaut Corps in 1996 and went on to fly in space three times—including six spacewalks. In 2011, after concluding his tour of duty as an Astronaut, Piers returned to...