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The Earth Observer: Jul - Aug, 1991

Volume 3, Issue 5

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Editor's Corner

Jeff Dozier, EOS Senior Project Scientist

 This is a frustrating editorial to write because it will be obsolete by the finish of the EOSIWG meeting in Seattle.

As many of you are aware, both the Senate and House Appropriations bills for FY 1992, which include funding for NASA, have been passed. The conference committee meeting to resolve the differences in these two bills is expected in September, and the final bill will likely require some changes in the implementation of EOS. Congress expects to finish discussions of this bill before the end of October.

The environment for EOS has changed in three ways:

1. The House and Senate markups of the EOS budget are substantially less than the President's submission. It is clear that the EOS configuration must allow for future fiscal uncertainties.

 2. Atlas IIA and Titan III rockets might be available for polar launches from the Western Space and Missile Center in the EOS-A timeframe. The pad can possibly be upgraded to accommodate the Atlas IIAS. Atlas IIA and Titan III can launch payloads roughly one-third the size of the EOS-A platform.