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The Earth Observer: Jul - Aug, 1994

Volume 6, Issue 4

In This Issue

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Payload Panel Report .... 4


Second International MIMR (Multifrequency Imaging Microwave Radiometer) Science Advisory Group ... 16

9th TES/ AES Science Team ... 19


EOSDIS Panel Assessment of the EOS Systems Design Review (SDR) ... 21

The EOSDIS Core System's Preliminary Design Review and the Ad Hoc Working Group on Production .... 25

EOSDIS Version O is Now Available .... 29

User Recommendations for the EOSDIS Core System ... 31

SPSO Report on EOS Products and Input Requirements ... 32

Data Assimilation for EOS: The Value of Assimilated Data Part I .... 33

Information Available From CIESIN ... 39

Climate Change and the In surance Industry .... 41


Landsat Information via the Internet ... 24

ADEOS Update .... 30

Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowships .... 44

EOS IWG Meeting Information and Registration ... 45

Passive Microwave Wind Meas urements .... 46

SeaWiFS Update .... 46

EOS Science Calendar .... 47

Global Change Calendar ... 47

The Earth Observer Information/Inquiries ... Back cover

Editor's Corner

Michael King, EOS Senior Project Scientist

On August 17-18, the House-Senate Appropriations Conference Committee marked up the VA-HUD-Independent Agency (VA-HUDIA) bill for FY95. The NASA budget submission for the Office of Mission to Planet Earth was $455.1 M for EOS and $284.9 M for EOSDIS, for a total obligation authority of $740 M. The Conference Committee voted to increase the EOS budget by $25 Mand the EOSDIS budget by $10.1 M, for a combined total of $775.1 M, with the express purpose of augmenting EOSDIS reserves and enhancing the funding for "secondary payloads," such as SAGE III and EOS Color. This latter recommendation is partly a consequence of the Conference Committee recommendation to delete funding for SAGE III from the attached payloads budget of the International Space Station Alpha.

Prior to the Conference Committee markup, the EOS program was rebaselined in accordance with the budgetary guidelines submitted to the Congress for FY95-FYOO, guidelines that resulted in a 9% reduction in the EOS budget approved only one year ago. After considerable effort leading up to the EOS Payload Panel meeting in July (see report on page 4 in this issue), the rebaselined budget allocation for FY95 was $489.9 M for EOS and $250.1 M for EOSDIS. How the augmentation to the EOS budget that was recently authorized by the Congress will be allo-...