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The Earth Observer: Jul - Aug, 2004

Volume 16, Issue 4

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  • Editor's CornerFront Cover
  • Other Items of Interest
  • Decrease in Surface Water Across a Warming Subarctic Landscape3
  • In Memoriam — Bill Bandeen5
  • Moist Soil ‘Hot Spots’ May Affect Rainfall8
  • Regular Features
  • EOS Scientists in the News6
  • Earth Science Education Program Update9
  • Science Calendars11
  • The Earth Observer Information/InquiriesBack cover

Editor's Corner

Michael King, EOS Senior Project Scientist

Congratulations to the Aura Team on the successful launch of the Aura satellite July 15, from Vandenberg Air Force Base. All instruments are currently operating nominally except for HIRDLS which is experiencing some difficulty. As of August 12, the MLS instrument was fully configured and operational in the full science mode. A “first light” press conference for Aura is scheduled for the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting in San Francisco in December. The transformation of NASA’s organizational structure continues at both NASA Headquarters and Goddard Space Flight Center. Latest developments include...