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The Earth Observer: Jul - Aug, 2013

Volume 25, Issue 4

In This Issue

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  • Editor’s Corner Front Cover
  • Feature Articles
  • An Overview of Europe’s Expanding Earth-Observation Capabilities4
  • NASA Celebrates Earth Day and More16
  • NASA’s Venture Continues: An Update on the EVS-1 Investigations19
  • Blog Log 33
  • Meeting/Workshop Summaries
  • The NASA LCLUC Spring 2013 Science Team Meeting35
  • GOFC–GOLD Fire Implementation Team Meeting (2013)41
  • 2013 CLARREO Science Definition Team Meeting Summary47
  • CERES Science Team Meeting50
  • First Meetings of the 2012-2017 Landsat Science Team54
  • In The News
  • Warm Ocean Causing Most Antarctic Ice Shelf Mass Loss60
  • Climate Conditions Determine Amazon Fire Risk62
  • Regular Features
  • NASA Earth Science in the News 64
  • NASA Science Mission Directorate – Science Education and Public Outreach Update 66
  • Science Calendars 67

Editor’s Corner

Steve Platnick
EOS Senior Project Scientist

International and interagency collaborations are key to many of NASA’s successes. In Earth science, long-lasting partnerships continue to advance our understanding of the Earth and have led to climate data records that extend back several decades. For the past 11.5 years, Jason-1 has been a shining example of a successful international and interagency partnership. The joint NASA/Centre National d’Études Spatiales (CNES) ocean altimetry satellite mission built upon the time series of ocean surface topography measurements that originated in 1992 with the launch of the NASA/CNES TOPEX/Poseidon spacecraft. The result is a comprehensive multi-decade record of global ocean surface topography that has provided new insights into ocean circulation, tracked rising seas, and enabled moreaccurate weather, ocean, and climate forecasts...