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The Earth Observer: Jul - Aug, 2016

Volume 28, Issue 4

In This Issue

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  • Editor’s CornerFront Cover
  • Feature Article
  • A Useful Pursuit of Shadows: CloudSat and CALIPSO Celebrate Ten Years of Observing Clouds and Aerosols4
  • Meeting/Workshop Summaries
  • 2016 AIRS Science Team Meeting Summary16
  • Summary of the Twenty-Fifth CERES-II Science Team Meeting18
  • From NASA's Earth Observatory
  • Visualizing the Highs and Lows of Lake Mead21
  • In The News
  • NASA Studies Details of a Greening Arctic22
  • NASA Study Solves Two Mysteries About Wobbling Earth24
  • NASA Satellite Data Could Help Reduce Flights Sidelined by Volcanic Eruptions26
  • Announcements
  • Piers Sellers Receives NASA Distinguished Service Medal and William Nordberg Memorial Award for Earth Science27
  • Regular Features
  • NASA Earth Science in the News28
  • NASA Science Mission Directorate – Science Education and Public Outreach Update30
  • Science Calendars31

Steve Platnick
EOS Senior Project Scientist

In light of recent news headlines, it’s vitally important to remember the endeavors that bring us together. Science is fundamentally a collaborative and unifying effort, connecting individuals and nations. Since the agency began almost 60 years ago, NASA—working along with its domestic and international partners—has sought to inspire humanity to work together toward the common goal of exploring and understanding Earth, the solar system, and our place in the universe. People from across the nation and world, representing a wide variety of science disciplines, can now routinely collaborate thanks to modern information technologies. Such broad cooperation has become increasingly…