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The Earth Observer: Jul - Aug, 2020

Volume 32, Issue 4

In This Issue

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  • Meeting/Workshop Summaries
  • Summary of the 2020 Sun–Climate Symposium4
  • Summary of the Joint CALIPSO/CloudSat Science Program Annual Review16
  • Summary of the Thirty-Second and Thirty-Third CERES Science Team Meetings21
  • Announcements
  • Michael Freilich Receives 2020 Wing Ip Medal from AOGS15
  • In Memoriam: W. Timothy Liu20
  • Could COVID-19 Have Seasons? searching for Signals in Earth Data27
  • In The News
  • NASA, Partner Space Agencies Amass Global View of COVID-19 Impacts28
  • Keeping a Steady Eye on Sea Level Change from Space30
  • NASA Snow Campaign Wraps 2020 Survey32
  • Early Detection of Algae Blooms by Satellite Yields Healthcare Savings34
  • Regular Features
  • NASA Earth Science in the News36
  • Science Calendars39

The Editor’s Corner
Steve Platnick
EOS Senior Project Scientist

It is with deep sorrow that we report the passing of Michael (“Mike”) Freilich, Former Director of NASA’s Earth Science Division (ESD) from 2006 to 2019, on August 5, 2020. Mike was instrumental in moving forward the mission of the ESD during his tenure, with contributions ranging from programmatic advances to fostering the growth and development of many researchers and engineers and their respective scientific research and technology activities.