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The Earth Observer: Mar - Apr, 1992

Volume 4, Issue 2

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Editor's Corner

Jeff Dozier, EOS Senior Project Scientist


The National Research Council released on April 17 a 30-page Interim Report of its Panel to Review EOSDIS Plans. Its recommendations about the importance, scope, and objectives of EOSDIS are consistent with those made by the Earth science community over the past four years.

The Panel finds that the recent restructuring of the EOS mission, from two large satellites with a total of 30 instruments to a series of six smaller spacecraft with a total of20 instruments, results in only a 15% reduction in data rates (to 1.1 terabytes/day ). Hence the restructuring of EOS has had little effect on the requirements for EOSDIS.

The Panel's recommendations are cast in terms of the following objectives it believes essential to the success of EOSDIS, which must:

• facilitate integration of data related to the U.S. Global Change Research Program;

• serve a large, broad set of users, by providing information simply, transparently, and