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The Earth Observer: Mar - Apr, 2009

Volume 21, Issue 2

In This Issue

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  • Editor’s Corner Front Cover
  • Feature Articles
  • A Washington Parable: EOS in the Context of Mission to Planet Earth4
  • Winter Camp: A Blog from the Greenland Summit13
  • NASA’s Earth Observatory Turns 1018
  • JASON Project Connects Students with the “Infinite Potential” of Science20
  • Emerging Science Themes from the LCLUC Science Team Meeting on Land-Cover/Land-Use Change Processes in the Monsoon Asia Region22
  • Meeting/Workshop Summaries
  • Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting25
  • 34th ASTER Science Team Meeting Report29
  • In The News
  • The End of an Era: NOAA-N Prime is the Last POES Satellite34
  • Former Vice-President Al Gore Shows AIRS CO2 Images in Testimony to U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee and at AAAS Annual Meeting36
  • CALIPSO Finds Smoke at High Altitudes Down Under38
  • NASA Study Finds ‘Pre-Existing Condition’ Fueled Killer Cyclone39
  • Regular Features
  • EOS Scientists in the News40
  • NASA Science Mission Directorate—Science Education Update42
  • Science Calendars43

Editor’s Corner

Steve Platnick, EOS Senior Project Scientist – Acting

March marks the 20th anniversary of The Earth Observer newsletter. The first issue came out in March 19891 and was intended to be a “periodical of timely news and events,” to keep readers abreast of new developments in the rapidly evolving EOS program. The EOS Program has a long and rich history and The Earth Observer has been there to report much of that history. When the first issue came out in 1989, EOS was just getting started, the Announcement of Opportunity having come out in 1988. Budget cuts and other programmatic changes and directives have resulted in many alterations from the original concept over the years but our newsletter has done its best to keep up with the changes and report them to you.

Back issues of The Earth Observer contain a virtual treasure trove of written history of our...