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The Earth Observer: May - Jun, 1997

Volume 9, Issue 3

In This Issue

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PM Science Working Group Meeting on Spacecraft Maneuvers ........ 3

Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer Science Team Meeting Summary ......... 7

Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System Science Team Meeting ....... 12

EOS PM-1 Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer Science Team Meeting ....... 17

Second Landsat Science Team Meeting ..... 20


High Spatial Resolution Airborne Multispectral Thermal Infrared Data to Support Analysis and Modeling Tasks in EOS IDS Project ATLANTA ..... 22

New Format Highlights Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center (LPDAAC) Science Advisory Panel Meeting ...... 28


Our Changing Planet ...... 2

NASA Selects 50 New Graduate Student Fellows in Response to the Earth System Science Graduate Student Fellowship Announcement ..... 6

SSM/1 Pathfinder Web Site ....... 11

Education Highlights ...... 16

What's New ....... 19

NASA Releases First Version of Online Photo Database ....... 31

Remote Sensing Tutorial .. .. .... .. ..................................... 31

NASA Studies High Altitude Radiation With Upgraded ER-2 ....... 32

Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission Set for October 31 Launch ...... 33

ACTES (An Associate of Arts in Community Colleges for Training in Earth Science) ... 34

EOS Science Calendar .... 35

Global Science Calendar .... 35

Editor's Corner

Michael King—EOS Senior Project Scientist

The first Biennial Review of MTPE is nearing completion. The key recommendations of the Biennial Review team include: (i) implementing the EOS Chemistry-I mission on the common spacecraft as presently planned, but using an optimized build schedule that saves $27 M over the mission costs in the FY98 President's budget, (ii) accelerating EOS Laser Altimetry-1 to 2001 (from 2002) and using a small spacecraft procurement strategy developed during the Chemistry mission study, (iii) enhancing the role and responsibilities of the Data Processing Resources Board and establishing a peer review process to permit an interactive dialog on requirements, capabilities, and cost of data reduction, (iv) reducing the at-launch data processing capability of EOSDIS, phasing in full capacity over a two-year period based on a reassessment of early science needs, and (v) phasing in selected interdependent data sets over a two-year period. Recommendations on the EOSDIS Core System will be made in October, after assessment of the results of an August demonstration of EOSDIS Version B.O' capabilities.

In addition, the Biennial Review team recommended (i) restoring the Research & Analysis (R&A) budget to historical levels, (ii) establishing tighter linkages between the EOS validation and R&A programs for...