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The Earth Observer: Nov - Dec, 1991

Volume 3, Issue 7

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Editor's Corner

Jeff Dozier, EOS Senior Project Scientist


1991 has been an eventful year for EOS, with reviews from the National Academy of Sciences and the External Engineering Review Committee, and directions from the Congress to design a program with greater resilience and flexibility that can adjust to changes in annual funding. In October the EOS Payload Panel examined these reviews and recommended a suite ofinstruments that focus on the troposphere, oceans, and land surface, monitoring of key gases in the stratosphere, and less emphasis on the upper atmosphere and the solid Earth.

We expect that Dr. Lennard Fisk, Associate Administrator for Space Science and Applications, will soon announce the payloads and schedules for the EOS satellites. The next issue of The Earth Observer will contain the full details.

Enjoy your holidays.