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The Earth Observer: Nov - Dec, 2007

Volume 19, Issue 6

In This Issue

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  • Editor’s Corner Front Cover
  • Feature Articles
  • Buzzing About Climate Change4
  • Can Earth’s Plants Keep Up With Us?12
  • Top-of-Atmosphere Albedo Variability from CERES and Earthshine15
  • Meeting/Workshop Summaries
  • Summary of the Joint AMSR Science Team Meeting20
  • NEESPI/LCLUC Science Team International Regional Meeting on Dryland Processes in Central Asia23
  • Summary of the Aura Science Team Meeting28
  • TES Science Team Meeting Overview33
  • In The News
  • On the Ground: NASA Lands on Planet UNESCO36
  • NASA Data Reveals ‘Average’ Ozone Hole in 200737
  • Arctic Sea Ice Shatters All Previous Record Lows38
  • Amazon Forest Unexpectedly Resilient to Drought40
  • NASA Airplane Joins California Fire Battle42
  • Regular Features
  • EOS Scientists in the News44
  • NASA Science Mission Directorate—Science Education Update46
  • Science Calendars47

Editor’s Corner

Michael King, EOS Senior Project Scientist

I am pleased to announce that Cambridge University Press has released our new book: Our Changing Planet: The View from Space. This book explains the critical role that satellites have played and continue to play in observing the Earth, and chronicles change on many different spatial and temporal scales, from movements in the land and volcanic eruptions, to human-caused changes such as the growth of cities, deforestation, and the spread of pollutants in the atmosphere and oceans.

The book showcases some spectacular and beautiful satellite imagery along with informed essays on the science behind these images written by many of the world’s top remote sensing scientists. The material is intended to be accessible to a wide variety of readers and...