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The Earth Observer: Perspectives on EOS

Volume 1, Issue 1

In This Issue

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  • Editor’s Corner Front Cover
  • EOS Perspective Articles
  • The Earth Observer: 20 Years Chronicling the History of the EOS Program2
  • Reflections on the Early Days of EOS: Putting Socks on an Octopus7
  • The Early Beginnings of EOS: “System Z” Lays the Groundwork for a Mission to Planet Earth10
  • Reflections on the Early Days of EOS: A Biased and Unexpurgated History14
  • A Washington Parable: EOS in the Context of Mission to Planet Earth19
  • EOS Data and Information System (EOSDIS): Where We Were and Where We Are, Part I27
  • EOS Data and Information System (EOSDIS): Where We Were and Where We Are, Part II34
  • A Shift in Direction: EOS in the Mid-1990s41
  • Highlights and Memories from Terra45
  • An International Perspective on EOS49
  • The Enduring Legacy of the Earth Observing System Part I: Forging An “EOS Community”54
  • The Enduring Legacy of the Earth Observing System Part II: Creating a Global Observing System—Challenges and Opportunities62

The Earth Observer ran a series of 12 “Perspectives on EOS” articles, the first of which appeared in our March–April 2008 issue with the subsequent 11 articles being published periodically until May–June 2011. Here, we have decided to compile them into a single volume so that they can be more easily accessed and read. To the extent possible, we have printed the articles exactly as they appeared when they were published.

Each of these contributions came from an individual that was involved in some aspect of the program from early on, many of whom are still involved today. One cannot help but feel the excitement, as well as the very real chal-lenges, of those early pioneers as they worked to turn a grand vision for Earth science exploration from the late 1980’s into today’s reality.

The Earth Observer originally published these articles in hopes that the stories told and “lessons learned” would be helpful to those tasked with planning future Earth observing missions. Feedback we have received indicates that these articles, as well as other content in the newsletter, has achieved that objective. In addition to this, the Perspectives arti-cles have proven to be an excellent collection of recollections and memories from key members of the EOS program. If ever someone endeavors to write an “official” history of EOS, these articles could prove to be a valuable resource.

We hope you enjoy this compilation of Perspectives on EOS articles.

-Alan Ward [Executive Editor, The Earth Observer]