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The Earth Observer: Sep - Oct 2014

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  • Editor’s Corner Front Cover
  • Feature Articles
  • ISS-RapidScat: Measuring Ocean Winds from the International Space Station4
  • NASA Provides a Global View at the Our Ocean Conference10
  • Using EOS Data to Improve Aerosol Forecasting: The International Cooperative for Aerosol Prediction (ICAP)14
  • Meeting/Workshop Summaries
  • MODIS Science Team Meeting Summary20
  • In The News
  • Ozone-Depleting Compound Persists, NASA Research Shows23
  • Snow Cover on Arctic Sea Ice Has Thinned 30 to 50 Percent24
  • NASA Begins Hurricane Mission with Global Hawk Flight to Cristobal25
  • Smoke in Yosemite27
  • Regular Features
  • NASA Earth Science in the News 28
  • NASA Science Mission Directorate – Science Education and Public Outreach Update 30
  • Science Calendars 31

Editor’s Corner

Steve Platnick
EOS Senior Project Scientist

In this issue we highlight the recently launched ISS-RapidScat mission that will observe ocean surface vector winds from the space station. RapidScat was successfully launched on September 21 at 1:52 AM EDT, from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, as part of the SpaceX-4 Dragon resupply mission to the ISS. The mission provides data to scientists and weather forecasters to mitigate the loss of SeaWinds instrument data from the QuikSCAT mission.

 A unique aspect about the mission is that...