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Ecological Society of America (ESA) Hyperwall Schedule

Join NASA in the Exhibit Hall (Booth #428) for Hyperwall Storytelling by NASA experts. Full Hyperwall Agenda below.




6:45 PM          The View from Above: Using NASA Earth Science Satellites to Assess Biodiversity on Earth Julie Robinson

7:00 PM          Mapping the Colors of Flowering Phenology with Imaging Spectroscopy Yoseline Angel

7:15 PM          Remote Sensing and Ecological Forecasting to Support Wetland Wildlife Management in the Central Valley of California Kristin Byrd

7:30 PM          Beyond the Poles: Monitoring Ecosystems from Space with ICESat-2 Sabrina Delgado Arias




3:00 PM          NASA’s Current and Future Earth Science Missions Amanda Whitehurst

3:15 PM          EMIT Mission Overview and Applications for Ecologists Dana Chadwick

5:15 PM          NASA Biodiversity & Ecological Conservation: Research to Applications Keith Gaddis

5:30 PM          Tracking Fire Behavior in Near-Real Time Using Satellite Data Tempest (Tess) McCabe

5:45 PM          Integrating Phylogenies, Forest Inventories and Hyperspectral Observations to Map Tree Communities from SpaceJ. Antonio Guzmán Q.

6:00 PM          Unveiling the Impact of Light Pollution on Urban Ecosystems: Insights from NASA Black Marble Lin Meng




9:30 AM          Getting to Know Open Science: How to Engage and Flourish in the Growing Open Science Community Bri Lind

9:45 AM          SBG Mission Science and Applications for Ecology Dana Chadwick

3:00 PM          Using GEDI Lidar to Assess Ecological Impacts of Forest Conservation and Restoration Mengyu Liang (Amber)

3:15 PM          A Case for NASA’s Next Field Campaign in Dryland Ecosystems. Andrew Feldman

5:15 PM          Towards A New Era of Large-Scale Ecology with Cutting-Edge Satellite Data and Open Science Cibele Amaral

5:30 PM          Bird Migration Explorer: A Hemispheric Perspective on Conservation Challenges for Migratory Birds Erika Knight

5:45 PM          Landsat 50+ Years of Earth Observations Chris Neigh




9:30 AM          Kelpwatch.Org: A Publicly Available Tool for the Visualization & Analysis of Global Kelp Canopy Dynamics Tom Bell

9:45 AM          Protecting Wildfire-Prone Landscapes and Ecosystems: Applications for Multi-Scale Remote Sensing Marc Mayes

3:00 PM          The Fault in Our Spaces: Reimaging Green Infrastructure Using Satellite Earth Observations for Equitable Access Sabrina Delgado Arias

3:15 PM          A Vision for Incorporating Human Mobility in the Study of Human Wildlife Interactions Diego Ellis Soto

5:15 PM          The GLOBE Project Amanda Whitehurst

5:30 PM          Harnessing NASA Imagery to Characterize Changing Landscapes Ginger Allington

5:45 PM          NASA International Space Apps Challenge Bridgette Johnson